AGENARISK Academic Desktop (a Single Seat Single Machine license)

AGENARISK Academic Desktop is a design and execution environment for Bayesian Networks which runs on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. This is an annual license for a Single User Single Machine (SUSM).


Note to order AgenaRisk Academic Desktop you are required to have a valid academic position (e.g. PhD student, Professor, Lecturer) and to verify this your purchase must be made using a valid academic email address.


Academic licenses cannot be used for commercial purposes.

AGENARISK Academic Desktop (a Single User Single Machine license)

  • License Rental is a convenient way to use AgenaRisk without the large investment in a perpetual license. Also, it includes free technical support and software maintenance, so you do not need a separate service agreement.
    This Single User Single Machine (SUSM) License Rental is tied to one unique user and can only be installed on a single computer and only one instance of Agenarisk can be used on that computer. You may use the SUSM license on a network or virtual desktop structure provided that you have a licensed copy of AgenaRisk for each computer that can access AgenaRisk over a network or virtual desktop environment.To use an SUSM license activation and periodic verification via an Internet connection or an offline activation is required.

    The license allows for a transfer of the AgenaRisk software to another machine in the context of hardware replacement or upgrade.