AgenaRisk's founders and consultants can help you investigate, develop and test risk models for your risk quantification problem.

Prof. Norman Fenton and Prof. Martin Neil, AgenaRisk's founders, have decades of experience of consulting with multinational businesses, tech startups and non profit organisations in a large number of domains.


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We take an agile approach to model development which means we are flexible in our response to customers' needs and provide expert, customized solutions on time and within budget.

Typically, an engagement here involves something as simple as a model review or as complex as a survey of a major problem area and the production of recommendations covering the problem, available solutions and accompanying Bayesian models running in AgenaRisk.



We offer face to face training to customers either onsite or online. This can cover the essential foundational material on Bayesian Networks and is delivered with a host of real world examples.

You may have a problem area in mind and wish to combine training with model development focused on your problem. Typically, we therefore offer training on a small team basis in order to accelerate learning.


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If you do not have the expertise or programming resources to develop your application Agena are happy to help you focus and resource your applicaiton and systems intgeration efforts.

We can help your project by advising on technical options, architecture and can also provide targetted technical programming and analysis expertise.

If you are interested in engaging Agena's services to help solve a problem you have please get in touch.