AGENARISK provide Bayesian Network Software for Risk Analysis, AI and Decision Making applications.


AGENARISK uses the latest developments from the field of Bayesian artificial intelligence and probabilistic reasoning to model complex, risky problems and improve how decisions are made. 

You can use AgenaRisk models to make predictions, perform diagnostics and make decisions by combining data and knowledge about complex causal and other dependencies in the real world.


Our clients use AgenaRisk to model a variety of problems involving risk and uncertainty including operational risk, actuarial analysis, intelligence analysis risk, systems safety and reliability, health risk, cyber-security risk and strategic financial planning.


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AgenaRisk designs and markets ground breaking products using Bayesian Network technology.

AgenaRisk Desktop is a model design and execution environment for Bayesian Networks that runs on Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems.

With AgenaRisk Desktop you can build any number of tailor-made models for any application domain or problem by exploiting statistical data and domain knowledge.

Models developed in AgenaRisk Desktop can then be integrated into a wider service using AgenaRisk Developer and ultimately deployed using AgenaRisk Enterprise.

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AgenaRisk's technology is based on 30 years of research in risk, computer science, AI, Bayesian probability, statistics and smart data.

Our technology and accompanying methodology has been published in top academic AI, machine learning, actuarial, decision science and cognitive science journals.

AgenaRisk's Bayesian Network technology combines data and domain knowledge, in the form a causal network model of the problem.

Bayesian Networks offer numerous advantages over 'big data alone' approaches: It copes with incomplete data and represents real world causal interactions. Bayesian models can carry out prediction and abduction (diagnosis) simultaneously and combine both causal and statistical information.

"Let's be honest, most risk assessment methodologies are guesses, and not very good ones at that. People collect statistics about what they can see and then assume it tells them something about what they can't." 

Neil Cantle, Principal, Consulting Actuary, Milliman LLP

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AgenaRisk offers its customers a variety of consulting services: model building, implementation and validation, prototyping systems, applications development and integration services


AgenaRisk has a very agile approach to solution development which means we can remain flexible in our response to customer

needs and provide expert, customised solutions on time and within budget.

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AgenaRisk's products are available for download from our store.  Commercial and academic licenses are available for desktop and developer versions of our software.

Our software can be purchased for a single user, single machine or as a floating license.